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 In a motel room on the east side of the city, a little girl is brutally murdered by her mother’s sadistic boyfriend for failing to know her ABCs. The family disappears, along with the child’s body, and the scene of the crime spans over 1,000 miles. Despite the lack of a body, the detectives of the 1020 Squad obtain a conviction but it will take another eight long years before the little girl’s remains come home to rest.


In a twist of fate, the 1020 Squad no sooner closes the final chapters of this case when the headless body of a tiny girl is found discarded in a makeshift dump site in the woods Sgt. David Bernard and the 1020 Squad will work over four years, following 1,500 leads and conducting the single largest area canvass in the history of the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department before finding the true identity of the seemingly orphaned little girl known only as “Precious Doe”.


Precious Few Clues is a candid and touching account of the painful impact that this brutal murder had on Sgt. Bernard, his family and the KCPD’s 1020 squad. It chronicles the all too frequent stories of child abuse, failed social services, a flawed court system, and battered women who sacrificed their own children to shield their abusive lovers, echoing the same preposterous explanations of “…but I love him”.


It is the story of a family, a group of committed volunteers and a community who reached out to embrace Erica Michelle Marie Green aka Precious Doe and give her in death the humanity and affection she so desperately deserved in life.



Filming "Who Killed Precious Doe?" episode for BBC's Series Killer Mums and Dads.

Erica Green
Precious Doe
Precious Doe sculpture.jpg

2023 Thorpe Menn Literary Excellence Award Nominee

Courtesy Channel 41 Action News

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