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On March 22, 1989, two convicted felons drove around in a stolen vehicle in eastern Kansas City looking for their next crime. That morning, 15-year-old Ann Harrison walked from her front door to the end of her driveway to wait for the school bus. Less than 10 minutes later, she went missing. Ann left behind her books, purse, and a flute case on the side of the road and that is what ultimately tipped off her mysterious disappearance. This is the true crime story of Ann Harrison and the struggle to catch her killers. Through the lens of a former police sergeant, Marla Bernard uncovers the mysterious facts of Ann’s disappearance and her family’s 25-year fight to see her killers brought to justice.


"About that time, the wind picked up, and it began snowing large, heavy flakes, and visibility was limited. It was as though there was something in the air that changed as the passengers got closer to the prison, with its bright lights casting an eerie yellow glow in the distance. What had been a still, dry night was now covered in snow, a wailing wind that sent a chill through the soul. That route took the car to a street called Stormy Lane, a moniker befitting the circumstance, where it dead-headed directly toward the Gospel Light Free Will Baptist Church. The church’s sign was illuminated and seemed to provide a guiding light to get the travelers back on the road in the correct direction. Again, the experience seemed surreal, as though Hell was freezing over. Perhaps this time, unlike all the times before, the execution would proceed as planned."

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Ann Marie Harrison

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